Camper Trailers

Hard Korr Campers Overlander GT

Our sister company, Hard Korr Campers, makes some of Australia’s most capable off road camper trailers.

When Hard Korr Campers entered the camper trailer market, there were two types of campers: those that were overpriced, and those that under-delivered.

We set out to fill the middle ground, producing easy to use, genuine “Cape-ready” off road camper trailers without the exorbitant cost.

Among our standout features are the easy 10-15 minute setup, huge amounts of storage, high-quality full chassis and heavy duty components.

The newest additions to our camper trailer range, the Overlander GT and Overlander GTS, have been designed from the ground up by our in-house engineering team, and we firmly believe they cannot be matched by anything else on the market.

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