2m orange white flexible LED tape light
2m orange white flexible LED tape light
Korr Orange White Camping Light Kit In Use
2m Orange White Flexible LED Tape Light
2m Orange White Flexible LED Tape Light

2m Stick-On Orange/White Flexible LED Tape Light


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This 2m stick-on orange & white LED tape light is perfect for both curved and flat surfaces, and is ideal for applications such as awnings, tailgates, canopy doors and caravans. It adheres strongly to most materials thanks to its 3M® double-sided tape, and can be cut to length to ensure a perfect fit.

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This LED lighting product has an ingress protection rating of IP68 The maximum light output of this LED lighting product is 2,200 lumens This LED lighting product produces orange and white light This LED light has a dimmable beam

Don’t get caught with cheap, poor-quality imitations. Join thousands of adventurers who already enjoy the quality and durability of Hardkorr’s famous LED camping lights.

This 2m stick-on orange & white LED tape light provides excellent adhesive capabilities, utilising 3M® brand double-sided tape along the entire back of the tape. Its flexibility makes it perfect for both flat and curved surfaces, and it can even stick to most types of fabric such as canvas. In addition, it can be cut every 5cm, ensuring you can get the perfect fit for your application.

Both orange and white LEDs are built into the single strip light, and you can switch between them using our special dimmer switch. The white light is ideal when there are no bugs around, and the naturally bug-repellent orange light is ideal for when bugs are present. In fact, the orange light reduces the presence of bugs by up to 90%! The dimmer switch is built with powerful magnets placed throughout so that it will stick to any metal surface, which gives you one less thing to worry about misplacing out in the bush.

Key features

  • One strip contains both orange and white LEDs (switchable via dimmer)
  • IP68 rating means the lights are completely waterproof (in fact they will run under water)
  • Produces almost no heat
  • Very durable, impact and vibration resistant
  • Will not interfere with any video or audio system nearby
  • 3M® adhesive tape on the back of the LED strip

Switchable from white to orange light

Drag the slider to see what happens when you switch our 2m flexible tape light from its bright white setting over to bug-reducing orange.

The Hardkorr Guarantee

All Hardkorr products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. We are confident that they are the most durable in the market and will give you many years of reliable service. We stand behind this product with a comprehensive 2-year Australian warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.


Output 2,200 lumens
Ingress Protection IP68 (excl. dimmer)
Beam Angle 120 degrees
Current draw 12v/1.2A per metre
Colour Temp 6000K
Lifespan 50,000 hours

Pack Contents

1x 2m stick-on orange/white LED tape light
1x Orange/white dimmer switch
1x 3m lead to male cigarette adaptor
1x 3m extension lead

5 reviews for 2m Stick-On Orange/White Flexible LED Tape Light

  1. Chris Bushell

    I bought two of these strips for my camper trailer back in 2017, the colour temp for the white is awesome and the orange is fantastic once cooking is over to keep the bugs away. Have recently added the new switch to flick between white / orange / white & orange together and this is amazing love the both together for general use. Fantastic product would highly recommend especially the new multi 3 way switch.

  2. Paul Aracic (verified owner)

    Fantastic brightness and easy switch to amber. Been fantastic on the rear door to illuminate fridge and draw, plus general rear of car work area. I did have to add a better double sided tape due to the rough plastic surface, but no biggy and I have it integrated into my vehicle battery management switching system.

  3. Davo (verified owner)

    Really bright, super bright actually. I’ve installed them in the rear of my fourby, to replace the candles that Toyota use, wired to a second battery in the cargo are. The difference is amazing. The orange light hue Seems to live up to. The bug free promise from my previous experience of the rigid loght model, which brings me to my favourite feature- the little piggy tail at the end that lets me plug in even more lights for my awning. My only caution is that the switch is not a switch, it’s a dimmer, and it’s easy to bump the lights on by acccident. But that’s an easy solve by simply unplugging them for most folks.

  4. Helen (verified owner)

    We purchased this product for our caravan back in 2014. It was brilliant white and the orange was great for the bugs. So after updating our van we bought two of these strips to fit the new awning and works just as good as we remembered. Great product at an even greater price!

  5. graeme goodall (verified owner)

    Good product, quite bright with added advantage of having a dimmer for those time when full brightness is not required.
    I have hard wired the LED under the wing door of my fourby’s alloy canopy which gives ample light both inside and outside.
    Highly recommend.

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