Hard Korr BZR-X Series 7" LED Driving Lights
Hard Korr BZR-X Series 7" LED Driving Lights
BZR-X Series 7" LED Driving Lights Contents
Hard Korr BZR-X Series 7" LED Driving Lights

Hard Korr BZR-X Series 7″ LED Driving Lights (Pair w/Harness)



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Hard Korr’s flagship BZR-X Series 7″ LED driving lights produce a wide, even combination beam with a market-leading 1 lux @ 1,150m forward distance. Their ultra-slim design means they are particularly suited to vehicles with narrow mounting surfaces such as modern factory bullbars.

A pair of Hard Korr BZR-X Series 7
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Welcome to the neXt generation.

The Hard Korr BZR-X Series driving lights are hands down the best driving lights we’ve ever created. In fact, we think they’re the best driving light anyone has ever created. Big call? Maybe, but we don’t think it’s a wrong one!

We’ve started with the best LED chips currently available on the market, from Lumileds. Forget the old argument between OSRAM and CREE, Lumileds LEDs are starting to appear in more and more high-end driving lights, and for good reason. They are incredibly bright, much more than anything else we’ve ever come across, and very efficient as well.

Why does this matter? Good question. Using LED chips with such high brightness means that our reflector engineers have been able to achieve the “holy grail” of driving lights: a true combination beam, as good as you’ll find in a light bar, without sacrificing forward distance.

They’re also CISPR15 compliant, meaning they have been independently tested to ensure they do not interfere with radio frequencies.

Combined with a tough, understated look, integrated daytime running lights (DRL) and strong 4mm 316 stainless steel brackets, they are the ultimate driving lights for keen adventurers, professional drivers and those who spend a lot of time on country roads.

This LED driving light produces 1 lux of light at 1,150m (as a pair) This LED lighting product has an ingress protection rating of IP68 This LED lighting product is an ultra-slim design

Market-leading distance and spread.

Forget everything you know about the beam pattern of LED driving lights. Using ultra-modern LED chips and our custom-engineered reflectors, These “HID-killers” produce both astounding forward distance (1 lux at 1,150m) and also a wide, even flood which is as good as any light bar.

Built to last. And last.

These lights mean business. The 4mm powdercoated marine-grade stainless steel bracket is virtually indestructible, as is the UV-treated Lexan® polycarbonate lens. The custom-molded rubber seal and positively sealed light enclosure delivers a real IP68 waterproof rating.

Stylish integrated DRL.

As an added safety feature, we’ve seamlessly daytime running lights (DRL) into the inner bezel of all BZR-X Series lights. With 80% higher light output than the original BZR Series, these daytime running lights will ensure you are clearly visible in all weather conditions.

Wiring harness & security bolts included.

All BZR-X Series LED driving lights ship with everything you need to install the lights on your vehicle, including security bolts and a heavy duty dual-output wiring harness. The harness is fire-resistant, adheres to all ADR design rules and includes H3 and H4 high-beam piggyback adaptors.

The Hard Korr® Guarantee

All Hard Korr® products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. We are confident that they are the most durable in the market and will give you many years of reliable service. We stand behind this product with a comprehensive 3-year Australian warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.


Materials Aircraft aluminium housing
Powder coated 4mm 316 s/steel bracket
Lexan® polycarbonate lens
Dimensions 175mm (w) x 190mm (h) x 75mm (d) incl. bracket
LED Manufacturer Genuine Lumileds®
LED Number (each) 19 x 5w
Lux (pair) 1 lux @ 1,150m
Output (each) 11,294 lumens
Beam Combination
Ingress Protection IP68
Weight (each) 1.9kg
Operating Voltage 10 – 30v DC
Current (each) 7.7A @ 13.5V / 3.75A @ 24V
Colour Temp 6000K
LED Lifespan 50,000+ hours
Certifications CE, RoHS, C-Tick, CISPR15

Pack Contents

2x 95w LED driving light
2x 316 stainless steel mounting bracket
2x set security bolts & anti-vibration rubber base
1x Dual output wiring harness


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13 reviews for Hard Korr BZR-X Series 7″ LED Driving Lights (Pair w/Harness)

  1. Mike House (verified owner)

    These lights are great. Really clean white light that makes visibility sharp. Range and spread is really impressive. I haven’t clocked the distances compared to the lux chart, but it seems about right.the view down the road seems endless and there’s no sense of needing or wanting to see anything beyond where the light falls. The reflection back of highway signs is pretty full on, that’s because they work as advertised! Might have to try a set of blue covers which apparently backs that factor off a bit. Ultra happy and cant wait for a long country drive at night.

  2. Shane (verified owner)

    I have previoulsy owned Light Force, Hella, Narva and King spotlights and the Korr’s are as good as the better quality brands. The amount, distance, colour and angle of light is near perfect especially for the size, the wiring harness is good quality and easy to install. The mounting system is solid and easy to adjust. As long as you are careful when tightening the side screws there are no issues. Overall great value for money.

  3. Ron NOTHMAN

    I have used more than a dozen different types of high powered (old style) filament spotlights since the 70s, for country driving use.
    These new Korr 7″ BZR-X LED spotlights are absolutely PHENOMINAL,

    I could turn on every one of my old style spotlights at the same time, and they would not even come close to giving the superb visual clarity, balanced spread of light and exceptional distance of coverage, of these Korr 7″ spotlights.

    I have just finished a 4 month outback NSW and QLD trip, these lights spot the roos and other wildlife clearly at 400m (line of sight) tar or dirt roads.

    The side illumination from 20m to 300m and beyond is incredible, especially it also lights up the trees, which gives a great advanced understanding of what the road is like a really long way ahead, at 100 km/hr.

    The daytime running lights, which I first thought were a gimmick, are actually very well designed to stand out during daylight hours, for oncoming drivers, and although I am not worried what my vehicle looks like, it actually looks really great!!

    I am an retired Electrical Contractor, and Builder and the supplied wiring loom was an easy install for me, and would be compatible for 90% of cars and commercial vehicles, for a person with a basic understanding of Auto electrical cabling and wiring diagrams.

    If you know nothing about wiring, don’t be STUPID, get a PRO to fit them for you.

    The use of the quality stainless steel overall including the nut and bolt for securing to a bulbar bracket, are perfect and solid, and the rubber foot pad was a great idea.

    I did not find a need to overtighten any of the horizontal adjustment securing screws, mentioned to be a problem by others in this review, and liked the supplied star key tool used for the adjustment of these bolts.

    The spotlight bypass switch was very easy to install, and the” light on” led on the bypass switch is a good idea.

    KORR, please consider a much smaller switch, that reflects 2020, to match the same incredible style of your spots.

    These Spots are PERFECT! Even my Wife loves them, and she did not want me to buy them.! LOL : ) : )

  4. Gerry (verified owner)

    Love the lights in terms of their brightness, the way they look on my nudge bar fitted on my Subaru XV and its practicality. Installation easy and loving it !!

  5. Michael Latimer (verified owner)

    As they say “bright as” but like Simon holes don’t line with ARB bullbar Isuzu and changed switch, but end result all good, paired with Korr 22 cm next gen 3 dual light bar for a bit more side light.nuts and bolts, tightish with thread lock does the trick after ya sight em in.

  6. Dave

    I’ve purchased and installed many spot lights over the years..

    The Hardkorr kit made things exceptionally easy, minimal tooling required…neat and quick.

    If you aren’t up to the job pay someone.

  7. Ian McGuinness

    An excellent set of lights that are solidly built and well finished.
    The wiring harness was well made and complete. Easily enough cable to mount and run the cords neatly around the engine bay and through to the dash.
    Beam distance is good and bright.
    The extra vision has already saved me from a few close encounters with Roos.
    Well worth the money IMHO

  8. Daryl (verified owner)

    Excellent lights, best LED’s I’ve seen so far, got a pair of these 7 inch lights on 2 work vehicles now & just ordered another pair for the 3rd.
    Only issue has been one of the larger side adjustment/mounting screws stripped before even flattening out the spring washer on one light.
    They are super bright, have a good beam coverage and are well made, heavy but no too heavy to use on a remote handle as a searchlight.
    They make night-time driving a whole lot easier in outback Queensland where dodging roos, stock etc. is par for the course.

  9. Martin Harvey (verified owner)

    I bought the BZR-X Series 7″ LED lights about 2 months ago, and I am very happy with them. I have them mounted on a nudge bar on my Isuzu MU-X.
    (Its called a nudge bar, but anything I nudged with it would be toast !) They were installed by a local 4WD auto electrician, and they are brilliant !
    Not only that, they are brilliant ! They are wired in with the HiPower high beams, and when I flick that column switch its like the finger of God has lit up the bush ! Off road driving is now even more fun!

    P.S. the daylight LEDs are pretty cool too.

  10. Peter Mician (verified owner)

    Bought these lights for my 100 series Landcruiser, wiring was easy, mounted to the ARB Bullbar perfectly with the bolts supplied in front and put some behind them as well. Very secure. Love the DRL’s.. Very Happy with Hard Korr products..Looking for some more now..

  11. Clive (verified owner)

    Bought this BZR-X kit recently directly from HK Lighting, then had them professionally installed by one of Hard Korr’s stockists in Melbourne – one of their representatives. The lights are great, but the wiring kit supplied isn’t – the Hard Korr stockist threw it out and used a “professional wiring kit, rather than the DIY kit supplied”. The Melbourne stockist did an excellent job and was very professional and I am extremely pleased with the stockists work and the lights. However, I took up the matter of having to purchase a wiring kit with the lights with Hard Korr and asked for a refund for that component given it was thrown out. HK gave a very blunt and short response and didn’t address that refund issue at all. I even suggested they would be better off selling the lights separate from the wiring kit. Fantastic lights, but one star off for having to buy lesser quality wiring with the lights, and two stars off for very bad customer service attitude from Hard Korr. If you are in Melbourne, I highly recommend you buy these lights from HS Motors and have them install them – avoid Hard Korr directly due to their customer relations attitude. I also note another similar review regarding the wiring harness. Get the message Hard Korr! I have given you positive reviews where justified, and critical ones also when warranted.

  12. Simon Hall (verified owner)

    Holes in mount did not line up with ARB bull bar [ I wanted triple bolt mount not single bolt mount ]. Piggy back harnesses provided not suitable for Landcruiser 200 series – had to find them elsewhere on internet when my enquiry e-mail went unanswered. Same problem with side screws as first reviewer. Replaced them. Harness long but no issue. Cabin switch supplied was a bit cheap and nasty and also didn’t fit in Toyota blank. But lights worked as advertised – good product but shame they don’t provide vehicle specific kits.

  13. Jacob Mallett (verified owner)

    great product, easy to install and looks great aswel. however the smaller screws on the side stripped when i tightened it down and the over all length of the harness was abit long. great product otherwise would definetly recomend.

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