Hard Korr Heavy Duty Battery Box
Hard Korr Heavy Duty Battery Box
Heavy Duty Battery Box internals
Heavy Duty Battery Box
Heavy Duty Battery Box
Hard Korr Heavy Duty Battery Box
Heavy Duty Battery Box
Dual battery wiring kit for battery box
175Ah jumper leads for battery box

Heavy Duty Battery Box



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Our heavy duty battery box allows you to turn a regular deep-cycle battery into a convenient portable power station, or create a dual-battery setup using the optional VSR. It is suitable for all deep-cycle batteries up to 330mm (l) x 180mm (w) x 240mm (h) in size.

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Accessories available:

Dual Battery Wiring Kit (for Battery Box)

In stock

175A Jump Start Leads (for Battery Box)

In stock

Voltage-Sensitive Relay Kit (for Battery Box)

In stock

Mounting Tray (for Battery Box)

In stock

Set of 5 Anderson Plug Covers (for Battery Box)

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Our heavy duty battery box allows you to turn a regular deep-cycle battery into a convenient portable power station, or create a simple dual battery setup using the optional 50A Voltage-Sensitive Relay (VSR) and Dual Battery Wiring Kit. It is suitable for a range of battery types including AGM, Lithium, Wet, Gel and Calcium, and can handle batteries up to 330mm (l) x 180mm (w) x 240mm (h) in size.

Constructed of durable ABS plastic and meeting the UL 94V-0 standard for flammability of plastic products, this battery box is a high-quality unit that will last for many years. It contains two 12v outlets with 10A fuses, a dual USB outlet, four 50A Anderson-style outlets that can be used as outputs or inputs, and a 175A Anderson-style outlet which can be used as a jump-starter. Unlike most other models on the market, all Anderson-style ports are recessed into the body to minimise the possibility of damage, and the internal cabling uses heavy-gauge wire and quality connectors.

The battery can be charged from a range of sources (including solar panels) by simply plugging into one of the 50A Anderson-style ports. The battery’s charge status and voltage can be easily seen via the large digital display.

This battery box has dual USB outputs This battery box has dual cig outputs This battery box has four Anderson inputs/outputs

Key features

  • Constructed from UL 94V-0 compliant ABS plastic
  • Multiple port types allows your to connect a range of devices
  • Easily connect a DC/DC charger or solar panel to charge the battery, or use the optional 50A Voltage-Sensitive Relay (VSR) and Dual Battery Wiring Kit to charge directly from crank battery
  • Can be used to jump start vehicles (175A Anderson jumper cable set is an optional extra)
  • All ports are recessed into the body to reduce likelihood of damage
  • Easily see battery status with large digital display

Easy Dual Battery Setup

Using a battery box combined with a VSR is the easiest way to create a dual battery setup in your vehicle.

The VSR acts as an isolator, allowing the auxiliary battery (inside the box) to charge directly from the crank battery while the car is running. When the ignition is switched off and battery voltage drops below 12.7V, the VSR automatically cuts the link between the auxiliary and crank batteries.

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All Hard Korr® products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. We are confident that they are the most durable in the market and will give you many years of reliable service. We stand behind this product with a comprehensive 2-year Australian warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.


Materials ABS plastic (UL 94V-0 compliant)
Box dimensions 455mm (l) x 240mm (w) x 330mm (h)
Max. battery dimensions 330mm (l) x 180mm (w) x 240mm (h)
Max. battery weight 35.0kg
Suitable battery types Deep cycle (Lithium, AGM, Calcium, Wet, Gel)
Charge method via Anderson plug input or optional VSR
Ports 1 x dual USB output
2 x cigarette plug outputs
4 x 50A Anderson plug inputs/outputs
1 x 175A Anderson plug output
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
Weight 3.2kg

Pack Contents

1x Heavy duty battery box
1x set bolts, brackets & Allen keys
1x Strap

39 reviews for Heavy Duty Battery Box

  1. Elisabeth May (verified owner)

    Totally reliable in 10 days of continuous rain. So easy to work out charging levels. Promptly warned that the deep cycle battery needed the water topping up.
    Excellent hassle-free product. Thanks a million.

  2. Katie Sherer (verified owner)

    Ordered Hard Korr Battery box, shipment arrived promptly in W.A, unfortunately we ordered a black box and received a white one. Disappointed as this was a Christmas gift for our son and we specifically ordered that colour.

  3. Rachael (verified owner)

    very well made, love it

  4. Ricardo (verified owner)

    Awesome product very highly recommended. Went to Moreton unpowered site and box did the job from running 80lt fridge, lights, shower and charging phones. Thank you Hardkorr.

  5. Jake Vorster (verified owner)

    Definitely Australia’s best battery box! I went even further and added a Redarc BCDC1225d to mine along with a few extra fuses. Made the best even better! Coupled with the 200w portable solar panels and a 140AH battery am now ready for anything ? very highly recommended this product

  6. Jono (verified owner)

    My current set up is my first 12V set up and I’m extremely glad I went with Hard Korr.
    I deliberated for a long time as to whether I go with other brands and once I saw the construction of the other boxes, which my fellow campers use (namely Adventure Kings), I was glad I went with this one.
    The fittings are well organised and the wiring inside is very neat. One of the workers at a Jaycar store actually commented on how impressed they were with the finish quality under the lid.
    I use this with the VSR kit which was super easy to install. I have a 2011 NT Pajero and the VSR kit works perfectly with the “smart alternator”.
    Some people have raised a very good point with the isolation switch sticking out so it could be prone to breaking off.
    I have mounted mine easily out of the way of potential damage so it’s not an issue for me but I can see the concern.

  7. PETER MORTON (verified owner)

    I really like the product, however the digital display has already failed on me. I discarded the original packaging straight away & between being to busy & to lazy to send it back i have not bothered to do anything about it

    • Hardkorr Australia

      Hi Peter. Thanks for letting us know – all of our products carry warranties for exactly these types of situations. I have just sent you an email to confirm a few details so we can get a replacement sent out to you ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience. Cheers – Sam.

  8. Chris Bonner (verified owner)

    I’ve had enough of those cheaper black plastic boxes. Flimsy and end up splitting – rubbish and not much cheaper than this box when you add all the Anderson plugs, circuit breakers etc. This box is fantastic and well worth the price. Can’t recommend highly enough!!

  9. Mark Armstrong (verified owner)

    Very happy with the battery box. Is plugged into my fridge as I write this doing a 3 week tour of Victoria..
    very quick to arrive upon ordering given the postal issues Victoria was having at the time. Very impressed. Thank you .

  10. Edgar Moreira (verified owner)

    Very happy with the box
    Very well priced , the sale price,for what it offers.
    So far no complaints as it has performed well with the Hard Korr lifepo4 battery.
    I would buy another one if i needed too.

  11. Andrew Knott (verified owner)

    Had a battery box from Kings but the lid did not fit probably until I brought a battery box from hardkorr the top screws on properly and has more plugs than any other battery box I love it thanks hardkorr

  12. Boner (verified owner)

    The White model fits in well with my camper interior finish , Lots of plugs to run just about everything you need while camping

  13. Huub Beckers (verified owner)

    Excellent product plenty of connections quality build got 1 battery box first was so impressed that i bought a second one thanks Hardkorr for a top quality product

  14. Darren cheshire (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase,I run my fridge ,fuel cell,phone charger and tool charger all at once and the VSR works awesome recharging deep cycle battery whilst driving to next job, what a breeze.Thank you HardKorr, superior product.

  15. Matt D (verified owner)

    Battery box is great, well constructed and with good selection of outlets. Yet to test the jump start function, but guess it’s sucess will be based on the type of battery in the box ! The mini VSR won’t suit my car alternator type !

  16. Phill O’Neill

    I’ve had the battery box installed for a month now and couldn’t be happier with it. Easy to install and use, even for someone with zero 12v experience. Solid construction and fits a large (130ah) battery. Would advise you check your battery dimensions first though, I didn’t but got lucky… just.

  17. Justin Ryan (verified owner)

    Awesome battery box, does everything you could want from cigarette lighter ports to usb charging. Also has Anderson plug outlet/inlets and an option for jump starting. Heavy duty construction which I love cos I’ve had batterys leak under the bonnet and peel paint, won’t happen again. Highly recommended this battery box it won’t dissapoint.

  18. Alan (verified owner)

    Very happy with this battery box. Solid construction, plenty of connections for my purpose and looks to be quality wiring and fittings. I have installed a lithium battery and a DC-DC charger in the box for a completely portable, plug in dual battery setup in my car and it is excellent. Would highly recommend this battery box over the cheapies for quality, rugged construction and flexible connectivity. Good value

  19. Jen (verified owner)

    I’ve had this box for a couple of months now and whilst the charge gauge is, as others have commented, woefully optimistic, it does the job. My only other ‘whinge’ is I couldn’t fit the VSR under the wires so God bless gaffer tape.

    This was my first experience with a battery box and I’m happy with it.

  20. Simon Gibbs (verified owner)

    Great box, agree that the volt meter is a bit optimistic, but it’s like any gauge +- 10%. I have a 120 amp AGM in mine it’s a very tight fit but it fits. I’ve added a Redarc BCDC1220D to it. Great value, really well made and quality components inside. Highly recommend this box.

  21. vincent evans (verified owner)

    What a great battery box(had a couple prior to this one) Solid construction, plenty of charging options, Love the digital battery meter to monitor charge state. Charged the battery well via solar panel(200W). Easy to move around with built in handles. Highly recommended if your up for a battery box. Well done HardKorr:)

  22. Anthony Reid (verified owner)


  23. Anthony Reid (verified owner)

    Very happy with this battery box. I’ve had a few and this is definatley one of best.

    Strong sturdy design. Well made and great attention to detail with the lay out both inside and out.

    Only modification I can suggest is the isolation switch needs to be recessed similar to the anderson plugs. Special care needs to be taken when transporting and onsite to ensure the isolation switch is not damaged.

    Other than that. Great product. Keep up the good work.

  24. Richard (verified owner)

    Greatbox, as some have said the switch needs to be recessed, i juat made sure it couldnt be knocked or damged, i found the volt gauge to be 0.5v higher then the multimeter showed, bought for a wk long trip on the beach, i connected it to the battery under my bonnet and had it sitting in the back of my 4×4 wagon, used there 200w solar blanket n kept both batterys charged, very happy with it, would deff recomend

  25. Gregory Nafarrete (verified owner)

    The strap that comes with it for mounting are too short otherwise the box are all good

  26. Paul OReilly (verified owner)

    solid box construction, recessed anderson plugs, clear digital display and well connected internal wiring. i did a fair bit of research on these boxes and this is the best ive come across. ive connected my dc dc charger under the lid so everything is concealed now. service and delivery were fast and pain free

  27. Rex

    Battery box is excellent value for money. Two issues I found; the supplied cables were not long enough to reticulate from the battery box in the rear of a 105 series landcruiser to a battery under the bonnet through the chassis rail, about 20-30cm short. Secondly, the supplied cable for the VSR attachment was not long enough inside the lid, this seems like a manufacturing issue as I had to remount the connection terminals.

  28. Ralph Schloss (verified owner)

    This is the best battery box on the market. Absolutely great, well made and has all the ports needed, we run our 12 volt electric blanket of our box when camping in winter.
    One improvement could be to have the switch protected from being knocked off or broken by recessing the switch instead of having it protrude. Great gear

  29. Darren (verified owner)

    Awsome item, delivery was fast.
    Very happy with it, good sturdy box with ample power sources. ?

  30. mattb (verified owner)

    Great product at a great price. Works flawlessly.

  31. Shane (verified owner)

    Great product very well priced strong
    4 Anderson plugs best on the market would highly recommend this battery box to all my friends and family

  32. Jeremy Grice

    Absolute awesome battery box. Whilst it is abit larger than a lot of other’s on the market. It makes up for it’s sturdyness, build quality, larger option of ports/plug ins, good quality and tidy wiring.
    Would definitely recommend again and again.

  33. Michael Waterhouse

    Seems to be a very sturdy, well put together battery box. Having 2 x usb and 2 x cigarette sockets means this should be great for most off grid scenarios.

    Highly recommended.

  34. Brice

    Best battery box I have ever owned. Nice and sturdy. Fits and handles my 120ah agm with ease. The vsr in it is a bonus. Works as a plug and play system with my dcdc charger perfectly. If you are looking for a battery box look no further and buy this one. You won’t regret it!

  35. Steve

    Great battery box! easy to set up and use – looks cool and the “plug and play” nature of it is brilliant.
    Highly recommend!

  36. Andrew Dawson


  37. Matt

    I’m very happy with this battery box. I’ve got a 120ah lithium in it connected to my alternator for charging using the built in VSR. It works just as it’s should. It cuts in very shortly after I start my ute and cuts out at 12.7v. You do have to make sure that the battery box switch is in the on position for it to charge which isn’t a problem as long as you are aware of it. As the display lights up from your car battery even in the off position it is NOT charging your second battery unless the switch is on. I didn’t pick up on this until the second day ( not too smart ). I use the 175amp Anderson plug output for my 1500watt inverter which works great. I have already shown a couple of friends who will now be getting them as well.

  38. Numb Thumbs

    This is a brilliant battery box! It easily holds my 125 Ah lithium battery plus my Ctek D250sDual DC/DC-Solar charger which I have mounted under the lid with room to spare. I have set it up with an alternator input, solar input and two outputs on the 50 Amp Anderson plugs and I use the 175 Anderson plug to power my compressor which draws around 100 Amps.
    The box is very neat and tidy and the ABS construction is very tough and will not short out any stray wires.
    It is a great product and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

  39. mattmurray2711

    Had one of these battery boxes for a few months now seems to work really well although i haven’t used the inbulit VSR as I did not receive the cable for the connection to the car or the jump leads, works well with a 130Ah battery ran my 65L fridge at -1 for almost 4 days no worries, works well with 150W solar blanket i use to charge the battery

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User Manual for Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR)

User Manual for Battery Box