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This motion sensor has a range of 8m The motion sensor contains an inbuilt magnet for mounting This motion sensor can be used with both 12V and 24V systems

Australian campers can now sleep at ease knowing their campsite will be safe from intruders and animals at night. If an intruder or animal comes into range of the sensor, your campsite will automatically light up, making the intruder visible almost as if it were daylight.

This motion sensor turns any Hard Korr camp light bar into a sensor light. It will activate when it detects movement within an 8m radius. Once movement is detected, the sensor will turn on your lights for 60 seconds. The lights will remain on if you are actively moving within the sensor’s range.

This motion sensor is compatible with all Hard Korr LED camp lights and accessories. Please note that if you wish to use it with our orange/white lights, it must be placed before the dimmer switch.

Key features

  • Turns your camp lights into a portable motion-activated security system
  • Constantly scans an 8m radius while you are asleep
  • Inbuilt magnet for easy mounting
  • Compatible with the Hard Korr Dimmer Pole Clamps (sold separately)
  • LED power indicator

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Operating Voltage 12-24V DC
Max current 6A
Detection range 8m, 180°

Please note: this product is not waterproof.

Pack Contents

1x Motion sensor


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