Power on tap

wherever your journey takes you.

Power on tap

wherever your journey takes you.

The most durable portable solar mat on the market.

Most companies offer a one year warranty on their portable solar products – two years at most.

For us, that doesn’t cut it. We know how frustrating, and sometimes dangerous, equipment failure can be when you venture off the beaten track. That’s why we’ve built our portable solar mats to not only survive but thrive in tough conditions, and we back our claims with a full 5 year Australian warranty.

We’ve specified the highest quality materials, prototyped and tested obsessively, and pay constant attention to our manufacturing process to ensure our meticulous standards are maintained.

With our extra-thick 1680D canvas, custom-designed baseboard material, and exclusive Crocskin® armour coating over genuine Sunpower® cells, every single aspect of the solar mats have been engineered for ultimate durability.

That attention to detail is why we were awarded two Global Media Awards at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, USA.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to power generation at your campsite – trust Hard Korr to provide reliable, long lasting solar products.


Hard Korr Lighting won a SEMA Global Media Award

The Crocskin® difference

Sitting under the baking hot sun for many hours at a time means solar mats are exposed to large quantities of ultraviolet light and generate a significant amount of heat every time they are used. The materials used in the construction of the mat must be resistant to both, as well as being flexible and impact resistant.

Our exclusive Crocskin® cell armour coating has been specifically designed with this in mind. It provides an excellent protective barrier to the solar cells, increasing their durability and lifespan.

In fact, our Crocskin® coating showed no signs of deterioration after an accelerated weathering test that simulated 30 years’ sun exposure.


How do we compare?

 HARD KORRPri***Bai*****Red***
CellsSunpowerSunpowerNot statedSunpower
Cell coatingCrocskin® polymerNot statedNot statedETFE
Max. Output12A (11.3A guaranteed)12A10A11.6A
Controller5-stage 15A PWM5-stage 15A PWMNot includedNot included
Warranty5 years1 year1 year2 year


Frequently Asked Questions

What separates a Hard Korr folding solar mat from a cheap knock-off?

Mostly it comes down to quality of materials and manufacturing. We specify genuine SunPower® solar cells for optimum efficiency and lifespan, Crocskin® polymer cell armour for ultimate cell protection, and extra-tough 1680D canvas for durability. Our panels are manufactured to a very high standard including strong stitching and careful wiring. That’s why we are able to offer a massive 5-year warranty!

Why SunPower® cells?

Quite simply, SunPower make the best solar cells currently available in the market. They are much stronger, more efficient and more durable than cheaper alternatives. You can find out more about them here.

Do I have to use the included controller?

You must always use a controller between the solar panel and your battery, but if you have your own solar controller (e.g. built into a camper trailer or RV) you can use that instead. We include an Anderson plug connector in the box.

How do I position my solar mat?

You can place your solar mat anywhere it receives direct sunlight. This might be on your bonnet, windscreen, roof or on top of your awning. You will experience a small increase in output if you are able to angle the panels 45° to the sun but in practice this is not mandatory for good performance.

If one cell is shaded or blocked, does the whole panel stop producing electricity?

No. Our mat is designed with bypass diodes to ensure that if one cell is not producing power the rest of the cells are unaffected. This is another difference between a Hard Korr panel and cheaper models.

Can I leave my mat out in the weather?

Yes, Hard Korr solar mats are designed to withstand rain and even hail. However, your panel will not generally produce much electricity during inclement weather so we recommend you bring it inside at these times. If your panel is exposed to moisture, ensure it is dried thoroughly before being folded and packed away.

Which panel do I need for my setup?

Start by finding out the total current draw of all the equipment you wish to use. Multiply this figure by the number of hours the equipment is generally used to get the total amp hours consumed, and add a 25% buffer. Solar panels can generally provide their rated output for 8 hours per day, so multiply the rated output by 8 hours to find out how many amp hours your solar mat can provide. Here’s a worked example:

  • You use a Hard Korr 5-bar camp kit for 5 hours per day: 3A x 5h = 15Ah
  • You use a fridge 24 hours per day that draws 2A: 2A x 24h = 48Ah
  • Total consumption = 63Ah
  • Add 25% buffer = 63Ah x 1.25 = 78.75Ah
  • Solar panel rated output required = 73.75Ah / 8h = 9.84A
  • A Hard Korr 200w solar mat is rated at 11.3A, and so would provide sufficient power with a comfortable buffer in the event of cloudy weather etc.